A picture is worth a thousand words & also a perfect content strategy

I absolutely love this image, it’s a great tip sheet about the essential elements required to make a great content strategy. More importantly it is broken down and compared to a favourite everyone can relate to.  From this infographic, it is clear that the meat a.k.a. the audience is most important part of the strategy. I enjoy that it describes that time needs be invested in it. It’s like cooking your meat to perfection whether it’s  medium or  well done, it requires attention and patience. Additionally the description of the condiments as voice and tone is brillant, such a great way to describe that every strategy needs to be customized. The mixing of content format (i.e., video, images, articles) gives a content strategy more appeal and ability to target audiences through different mediums.


Content Strategy: Hit The Sweet Spot With Your Readers [Infographic]

As a huge lover of all things sweet, especially chocolate, this infographic stood out for me. This image provides insightful information about different medium options to use when developing a content strategy. Additionally, statistics are provided to give perspective about the influence and success different platforms. I like that within the image, it is noted that several different tactics are used when executing a strategy. Although, this infographic appeals to many marketing professionals, as a public relations professional, there is important information that should be considered and explored when developing a strategy. For example, if you want to share news with your targeted audience about a charity event and you know companies that tweet get 106% more traffic than those who don’t. It would only make sense that a public relations professional incorporates Twitter  into their content strategy.

8 Step Social Media Strategy [Infographic]

This 8 step approach infographic presents the importance of working as a team within an organization to develop the perfect content strategy. I think that is a valid point. The argument that creating a cross functional team (i.e., graphic designers, marketers, IT, pr ) to develop a strategy is essential in ensuring successful strategy is implemented. Also mentioning the importance of listening before even developing a strategy is important to ensure you target your audience through the right tactic. Additionally highlighting the importance of an “objective” identifies there can be different approaches depending on the overall goal of the strategy (i.e., persuade, inform). The feature that enjoy most about this infographic is point #6-the importance of identifying you’re one thing. When developing a content strategy, I’m learning that is essential that a company clearly and quickly identifies how they will connect with their audience (tell a story)/make themselves memorable. Establishing how to connect to your audience through your content is crucial and will make a successful or unsuccessful content strategy.


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