Understanding Likes, influence, reach engagement through Analytics Tools

Klout is a FREE online platform that informs an individual/company about how much influence they have in social media. Specifically individuals/business are assigned a calculated number representing their social media reach/influence to their targeted audiences. It is simple to analyze and understand Klout’s data and also provides simple tools on how to improve one’s reach and increasing call to action via social media. The data is graphed and easy to review progress.

Hootesuite one of the most actively used measurement platforms with over 7 million subscribers to date. This FREE platform allows individuals/companies the ability to be organized an efficient in managing many social media platforms. It allows to schedule and manage posts.  But more importantly, this platform provides excellent analytics and data on online traffic. Some of the features include: track  obtain analytic modules for different platforms like Facebook, Google analytics insights, monitor brand mentions, can track your analytics from anywhere mobile, tablet or online, There are options to upgrade the dashboard features and get more insight for a monthly fee.

Social Mention is a platform I recently learned about. It is FREE a media search and analysis platform. It allows people/organizations to easily track and measure in real-time what people in social media are saying/mentions about new product, company or  topic. Social Mention monitors over 100 different platforms including the most popular: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. The program provides daily social media alerts.


Viralheat: PAID monitoring service that allows you to monitor social media, specifically tracks Twitter, Facebook, PInterest, blogs, and video in real time and tap into real conversations. Unlike other platforms, Viralheat allows you to monitor what people are saying about you/company in real-time. Additionally, this platform offers competitive analysis and see how your competition is performing in social media. Another great feature is Dynamic Alerts that provides ease when monitoring different brands and mentions. Viralheat provides instant alerts for key updates or changes in the brands or mentions you are monitoring.



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